What can I make with roma tomatoes, onion, and garlic?

Besides chili


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  • Tomato sauce if you also have a little olive oil, a tiny bit of flour, and broth.
    Or tomato rice if you have olive oil and rice.
    Brothy tomato soup if you have a bit of veg broth or chicken etc. . . to add
    Tomato toast if you have a little bread salt and pepper
    salsa if you have some pepper and salt and maybe some cilantro.
    There’s other stuff but it requires a lot of supplemental ingredients.

    • If you have time, feel free to keep listing off your other ideas... so far, I think I'm leaning towards salsa, but curious to see what your supplimental ideas are =)

    • Okay, tomato and onion are good toppings on burgers and garlic is good added to the pattie or to season a mayonnaise.
      If you have a raw chicken, chicken bones or the carcas of a roasted chicken you can boil that with onions, garlic, celery , carrots, a whole tomato peppercorns bay leaf, potatoes, aromatic herbs, like rosemary sages thyme etc. to make chicken soup.
      A salad also comes to mind, soak the sliced onion in vinegar for 5 minutes ( to get rid of the sharpness), rince and add as a topping, tomato as a topping and garlic olive oil balsamic a red pepper flakes as a dressing.
      crack a bunch of eggs and beat them, pour into a greased tin with sliced tomato minced garlic and sliced onion add salt and pepper, and cheese if you want, bake into a breakfast casserole.
      Add all the ingredients to a quinoa or couscous salad
      I mean it goes on... and on.

  • A pasta sauce.


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