How can a bar not be busy on a Saturday night?

this Saturday I'm literally doing nothing but last Saturday night I actually went out. went downtown to a couple spots and finished the night off at a country bar/nightclub

but it was insanely quiet for some reason , I expected it to be packed as the college kids are back but hardly any showed up that night ( its a mixed ages bar so they'd only be a % of the crowd there ) and the downtown in general seemed slower than normal. at least what I remember of Saturday nights in that city

anyways I looked around online trying to figure out what was going on , the bar has a busy facebook page and it had pictures posted from the week before showing it was packed that night and very busy. so perhaps I showed up on an off night and people just didn't come out for whatever reasons

although I also saw some bad reviews online for the bar which seemed to be unfair and inaccurate and perhaps those are hurting business too


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  • game night? homecoming? it's too early for midterms... bars would be crazy to post pics of anything but a packed house.
    could it be that it's become a "suitcase college," like the one i attended - where everyone goes home for the weekend?
    it could be like my hometown - where an overzealous police force harassed folks on weekend evenings to the point where everyone went somewhere else or just stayed home.

    • definitely wasn't mid terms last weekend that is for certain , no homecoming in that city , its a smaller college but big enough to have residence buildings on site and student houses nearby. I agree that bars would only post pictures of busy times , attractive people or staff. not going to show pictures of an empty bar on a Saturday night.

      most of the college kids don't go home on weekends , although being a country bar I wondered if perhaps there was a country concert somewhere nearby that people went to instead? but I don't pay attention to concert listings so don't know who played last weekend and if that might be a reason

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  • you should expend your mental energy elsewhere

    • well true there is nothing I can do as to if this bar is busy or not. I don't work there and not in charge of there marketing or promotions department.

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