What's with the mustard/mayo battle?

Based on the internet, people love mustard and think mayonnaise is disgusting.

I hate regular yellow mustard and find only some of the more specialized mustards palatable, if not my overall preference. The attitude online seems to be that you're unsophisticated if you like mayonnaise and sophisticated if you like mustard. I've never seen a big anti-mustard movement, though.


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  • I like both. Such internet opinions and "studies" are ridiculous and pointless as it applies to whatever we individually like anyway. We like what we like and freakin' mayonnaise doesn't make you "unsophisticated" either. lol

    I guess it's based on there not being as many types of mayonnaise as types of mustard, so perhaps the argument is that mayonnaise lovers are more "simplistic"? Whatever, it all seems ridiculous to me. *spreads mayo and mustard on a sammich...


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  • I love Yellow Mustard because I used to have it all the time,
    I also like Mayonnaise
    I never knew it was a "battle"


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  • I like mayo and mustard so I must be sophisticated and unsophisticated at the same time,
    Let’s be honest mustard is hardly caviar
    Perhaps theirs not anti mustard movement cause people have better things to do with their time

    • It hasn't stopped restaurants that have banned mustard, mayo, and ranch dressing, and been featured for doing so.

    • That must be in America, Americans are stupid lol

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