What is one food you constantly crave?


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  • Pizza, but not so much when I'm in the US. In Japan it's very expensive and most of the pizzas are very small personal sizes and not that giant kind of greasy mess with pepperoni that I love from the US, like this:


    Yet whenever I'm in the US I end up eating a large pizza several times in a row and get sick of it... only to miss it again when I'm in Japan. :-D

    • Also Buffalo Wings, and those I don't get sick of at all. I could eat them every day if that was an option. :-D But again so expensive in Japan, like I went to a TGIF here in Tokyo and it cost $15 for 6-wings... whereas in the US I sometimes went to bars serving $0.25/wing.


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    • I don't like beer so much [except] as drink to accompany with certain types of food.

    • With Coca Cola it's my favorite soft drink as well, though I don't indulge in it too much since, like alcohol, it catches up to me these days (though the drinking does as well, but I can't stop and I just try to train harder to make up for it).

      I remember watching some film with Kim Basinger where she played an extraterrestrial and she had an addiction to Coca Cola. And her boyfriend described that as an addiction to "battery acid"...

      And somehow that description doesn't turn me off to Coca Cola whatsoever. I drink it and I'm like, "Yeah, I enjoy battery acid!" :-D

  • omg there's so much food that i crave!!! mochi ice cream, Cr猫me br没l茅e, Souffl茅, pizza, and especially these cheese cakes! it's the best ever!


    FOOD 4 LYFE!!!

    • I freaking love mochi ice cream!! All your cravings sound so appetizing! Wow that cheese looks so fluffy, I want to lay my head on it hahaha

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  • I like sour cream and onion dressing or anything ranch flavoured like that so I will crave things like

    Carrots and dip
    Caesar Salad and dip
    Chicken Sandwich with mayonnaise
    Sour Cream and Onion Rings


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