Would you ever work in a pizzeria?

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  • When I was young, yes. I lived in New York where they actually have good pizza. Anywhere else, and I'd have to take over to teach them how to make good pizza.

    • preach brother.. the secret.. water!!!

    • @legalboxers Yes, it is the water. I've discussed this with a guy from the Bronx. We are both engineers and he totally believes it's the water. But, when you have lived elsewhere, it's not just the water in New York but how it's cooked. "Chicago Style Pizza" is NOT pizza. Neither is "Saint Louis Style" which is basically Italian Nachos. "California Pizza Kitchen" is an oxymoron in every sense.

    • Im in Staten Island. lol.. Pizza is life!

Most Helpful Girls

  • I make too many mistakes... I'd do a decent job working in a driveway though


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