Did I do Keto diet properly today?

I ate 3 eggs and 4 chicken bacons for breakfast. Half of chicken breads for lunch and sunflower seeds. 8 homemade buffalo wings baked, and 2 jerk chicken legs at night. I also made a smoothie in between lunch and dinner with 1 strawberry, handful of blueberry black berry and raspberry, 4 tbs of yogurt and water. Am I ok? I know i should add more greens but was wondering if thats was a pass or fail oh and I also had a small ice coffee with cream no sugar.
Chicken Breast not bread


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  • LOL you may need to review what a keto diet is, not being mean but an average calorie breakdown is something like this Carbs 5%Protein 20% Fat 75%, I'm sure if you enter your info into a calorie app it will be card and protein dominant.

    • Exactly. Like your diet is supposed to be closer to 30% 30% 30% or even a little carb heavy (at a minimum 45% of calories)

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    • @lilaqua Modern day grains have been bred so that they no longer resemble the grains that our ancestors consumed, so if you do choose to include grains and legumes in your diet, opt for non-GMO, heirloom varieties whenever possible and make sure to soak, sprout and slow cook them. I wouldn't make them the focus of your diet. People with autoimmune diseases would be wise to omit grains, legumes and nightshades completely.

    • Do you know why we bred those grains in the first place? So they’re more nutritious and calorie dense, not to mention a better farming investment. If you follow that logic you shouldn’t eat virtually all of those foods you described. All vegetables have been selectively bred by humans, many genetically modified. Did you know broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage are all modified versions of the same plant. Or that pretty much all of our fruits and vegetables are so deformed and inbred biologically they are unable to reproduce normally. Look at 1600s paintings of watermelons as an example. Not to mention the breeding we’ve done to livestock. People are healthier and live longer because of it, I don’t understand your pseudoscience. If you’re going to be misinformed, don’t cherry pick. Oh and gmos can’t hurt you, at least the ones for human consumption. They do a lot of good in the world and people like you prevent developments from happening.

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  • Too much meat/protein. It can be really bad for your liver and you need more carbs. I would aim to only eat one kind of protein a day. 2 poached eggs is sufficient, or a small chicken breast. Eat red meat sparingly.


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