Don’t you hate when a restaurant messes up your order?

Last night I ordered my favorite pizza from papa johns
It’s called a Zesty Jalapeño meats Pizza
This what it looks like

Don’t you hate when a restaurant messes up your order?
I know I seem like a fat ass but I’m super mad..
I’m still super mad..
That’s my favorite pizza 😡
The reason I’m mad

Is because I only ordered one thing.
& it’s literally listed on your menu. It’s a menu item
so there’s no reason you should get my order wrong. I didn’t add anything or take anything off.

This is the pizza they gave me

Don’t you hate when a restaurant messes up your order?
This is the 2nd time they’ve given me this shit
I hate olives 😡
i hate mushrooms😡
i don’t want diced tomatoes on pizza, what’s the point 😡
i don’t want onions on My pizza 😡
I don’t want mild green peppers on my pizza 😡

Who eats pizza like that?

By the time I picked everything off.. Nothing was left on the pizza... It was a bare pizza slice.
didn't even have any cheese on it..

I called back and they offered credits toward my next order or whatever...
I ate one slice and almost puked
i wasn’t even hungry anymore..

& I’m still upset..
Looking at that pizza makes me want to puke
i was hoping someone else would want it because I didn’t want to toss a whole pizza..
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Its normal to expect to get smth that you ordered. Its really annoying... especially when you are hungry.

    • Yeah..
      I can still taste that nastyness

Most Helpful Guy

  • I wouldn't want someone throwing a tirade at me for making a mistake, so I see no reason for doing it to someone else. Especially if I know that simply calling and noting the mistake means it'll probably get corrected.

    • Yeah but it’s happened before
      my order isn’t that difficult

      It’s like going’s to McDonald’s and asking for chicken nuggets but getting onion rings..

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What Girls Said 8

  • Sometimes. But I just deal with it. Some people don't like that though especially if their on a plan diet, or something. A couple, who I believe were either vegan or vegetarian, cussed out the waitress on adding meat in their food, when they didn't want it. The couple mentioned how they've been ______ for two years or something.

  • I hate it but that being said it happens we are all human and make mistake and I would call and I’m sure they will fix it... now if it happened from one place all the tome that a different story

  • Depends how many times they do it. If it's a one off I won't care but if it's constant then I'll be annoyed

  • I don’t like it but people make mistakes. I try not to get too worked up about it.

  • I used get panzerottis (or calzones whatever you wanna call them) from Pizza Pizza and they were horrible. Every single time I'd have to call back and tell them they messed up our order. We'd either get a pizza instead of the calzones we ordered, or we'd get calzones and the toppings weren't even close to what we ordered. It was always the same exact order too. Two calzones with the same toppings every time for my boyfriend and I and the same dipping sauces and the same drinks but somehow they never got the order right. There was always something in the order that they messed up.

  • i dont mind it, working in food sounds like a nightmare, i feel bad for them tbh

  • never happened to me

  • The 2nd pizza looks really delicioua

    • That’s not the actual pizza, I’m not sure what it’s callled
      but it hadn’t more than that
      It also had mushrooms and tomatoes and unions

    • Yum 😋

What Guys Said 1

  • Yes i hate when they mess up on your order. We have a pizza outlet and they forgot to slice the pizza.

    • Yeah
      I’ve had to rip my pizza because it wasn’t cut
      That’s only happened once though

    • Yeah i know the feeling about them messing up on orders.

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