Is there a good diet plan for someone with a very sensitive stomach?

My stomach has been very sensitive now. Never really was before. I can't eat anything with tomatoes, I can't eat more than 6 carrots and other veggies (it’s even worse when they are cooked), I’m lactose intolerant (I can have cheese though), and the only thing that doesn’t bother my stomach is white flour pastas and carbs. It’s just little things like that. Those are just some of the things I can’t eat or can’t eat too much of.

Should I stick with eating the things I know I can eat or is there a specific diet I can try?


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  • How can you be lactose intolerant and be able to eat cheese? Like any cheese?/or just the lower lactose cheeses? Like parmesan and such?
    Not sure what sort of diet would work for you I think your best bet would to talk to a professional nutritionist let them work out a diet for you

    • I can eat really processed dairy products like cheese. Parmesan happens to be my favorite so I eat that a lot and doesn’t bother me and I can have small amounts of other cheeses. Milk I can’t have and I can only have one scoop of ice cream without feeling sick. One morning my mom made me a latte that was half tea and half milk. I was sick all day that day.

    • I see
      Didn't think it quite worked like that but I suppose you know your body best
      But yeah I still think a nutritionist is a good bet

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