Are you glad that Mookie Betts won free tacos for America on November 1st 2-6 pm at Taco Bell with his stolen base in Game 1?

  • Heck Yes, I love tacos
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  • Meh, I can do with or without them
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  • Yes but I won't go if I already had other plan
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  • No, tacos are nasty as crap!
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  • Not for me but glad others get the freebies they like
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  • No emotional tie to it, someone was going to steal a base and if no one did they probably would have still run the promotion anyway.

    • Yeah. Begs me to research if there ever was a World Series played in which neither team stole a base in any of the games during that series.

  • I'm not in the US, so it makes no difference to me


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