So I have a really cute date night idea for Halloween. In the description let me know if it's really cute and I should do it or just do part of it?

Ok so for Halloween my boyfriend will be coming over (he normally comes over on Wednesdays) but since it's Halloween I was thinking of doing a cute night making those Halloween sugar cookies with the designs on them and/or brownies and a homemade dinner with hot cocoa.

How does the idea sound? We've been together for 4 months and nobody will be home so I wanted to take advantage of that.
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  • It's a bit much but still do it just modify it a little bit (comment how in comments)
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  • Cookies sound fun, I would say plan it so that when he gets there you are already halfway through making dinner. He can pitch in and help complete dinner and then you can make the cookies. Also you will want to be giving out candy because the lights will be on so station him by the door.

    • I know he likes brownies but not sure about the cookies. I was gonna grab both of them just incase cause then we'd have more snacks anyway lol
      I would give out candy except that our front porch light died/was broken and we live on a busy road and only ever got trick or treaters once. and I doubt that he'd wanna go out and do that

    • Makes sense. Plus after 4 months it would be fun to use some of the cookie dough or fudge icing on his lips or another body part for a kiss after dinner. Likewise he could do the same.

    • oohhh that's an idea for the brownie mix cause the cookies you just need to put on a cookie tray and put in the oven

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  • Be my girlfriend 😍

    • lol
      I'm pretty sure that after tomorrow night he wouldn't wanna trade me or let anyone take me XD (he's told me stories about his somewhat crazy and bitchy ex and I wonder how he stayed with her for so long)

    • Damn, that lucky bastard

      Yeah, this is how most ex'es work but you realize it when its too late

    • You can fight him over it lol
      Yeah he was with her for 2-3 years and she expected dinner every week and couldn't be bothered to do anything as simple as play with his hair (he loves it and with her he had to beg just for something like that. it's free doesn't cost anything) I just instantly do it and he loves it

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