Do you like to eat fast food? If so, what kind of fast food?

Yes, I ordered two double chicken burgers
Yes, I ordered two double chicken burgers
Mine is Pizza. I just adore it, pizza is life pizza is love. Other than it, I love eating burgers and I mostly eat chicken burger. I love its taste more, steak or normal burger feel heavy to me sometimes. Even tho I like fast food, I don't eat it often. Maybe once in two weeks, it depends.

ps. it is surely rare that I order two times, I was just really hungry and I just wanted to eat more of it.


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  • Lol i always take 2 burgers. If I'm eating junk food then I make the most of it.
    And yeah, I prefer pizza (Dominos 😍, with cheese crust), other than that KFC, burger King or the legendary McDonald's.

    • I always take chicken burgers too😍, the only time I take steak is with Burger King's jalapeño burger. It's sooo good

    • I wanna marry you 😍😍😍

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