I need you Input. Can you help?

I have Been thinking about a Thanksgiving pizza for many years. it can be made in a number of ways including:

Pizza dough
Turkey gravy with or without sausage
Turkey meat
Pork sausage
Mashed potatoes

What would you want on yourthanksgiving pizza?


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  • Sounds good to me, just don't fuck up the crust. And preferably bake it in a cast iron pan. Get it hot, have your dough already stretched and ready to go. Pull the pan out of the oven, olive oil and salt go in, plop the dough down making sure it reaches all of the sides. Turkey gravy first, then shredded turkey meat, screw the mashed potatoes, and go with thinly sliced potatoes that have been blanched in boiling salted water, drained and then cooled. Fan those on top leaving open spots for the other stuff to fall into, i. e. grilled corn, sliced red onions, sweated celery, roasted carrots, and blanched peas. Restrain your urge to dump 10lbs of shit onto your pizza.

    I need you Input. Can you help?

    Here is a 'Laurel Pizza' laurel meaning all of the shit in the onion family on it. Leeks, red onions, scallions, garlic, fennel, with bacon lardons. Its not over loaded with shit, and every bite has every ingredient in it.


    When its done garnish with fresh sage leaves, (it IS a Thanksgiving pizza) and thyme leaves.


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  • That is not going to work I'm sorry unless you use a Thanksgiving Ham to top the pizza with but not turkey stuff

    • But it is more like a Shepard's pie than an Italian pizza

    • I mean you could try it but maybe just make all that stuff together with Italian bread on the side it would go better than crust

  • sounds gross, no offense


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