Do you like crunchy cheetos or cheeto puffs?

My favorite is the puffs. Is there a certain flavor that's your favorite?
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  • Puffs
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  • Can't choose
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  • Yuck!
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  • I had to go with yuck. I used to like crunchy cheetos but now I don't. The only puff I eat is fake popcorn. Which is basically a cheeto puff without the cheese lmao

    • I dont do cheetos to often because I burned myself out on them when I was younger but every now and then I get a wild hair up my ass

    • Have you had the popcorn? Its quite good.

    • I haven't tried it yet

  • Cheesy Cheetos been so long since I had anything like that forgotten what they taste like. Travelling to America/Caribbean really. Got me into those unhealthy snackables! Lol

    • Dont they have them where you live?

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    • Thank you for picking me xx

    • You're welcome 💋💋

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