Which Asian country has the best food?

I love Indian food and a bunch of Korean meals aswell. If you consider Turkey as part of Asia then Turkish food is also one of my favourite.


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  • Japanese - Nothing beats sashimi at Tsukiji at 6 am in the morning or Edo-style dishes at a ryokan specializing in them.

    Korean - Bibimbap and Korean pancakes and all the 1001 banchans they have.

    Taiwan - Nightlife street food is the bomb. Especially if you know how to enjoy Stinky Tofu.

    Hong Kong - Forget high-end restaurants. Dai Pai Dong fare is where the REAL food is at.

    Malaysian - Malay, Chinese, and Indian food fused together after hundreds of years' coexistence.

    Vietnamese - Food, food, food everywhere you look. Masterstock Pho that has been boiling in the same spot for three different generations.

    Indian - No introduction needed. Western vegetarian food is boring compared to Indian vegetarian food - even carnivores will love it.

  • My favorite is Indian and Thai. I haven't tried that much authentic Turkish cuisine and might be kind of ignorant about it (would love to try) but I love Turkish kebabs (they're popular here, though I'm not sure if they're authentic or adapted for Japanese). I love Japan food as well but it's kind of boring to me in comparison since I'm from Japan.

    I also like some of the fancier Chinese cuisine like a Peking duck or Shark Fin soup (though these days I prefer to get imitations without the shark fin since it seems rather unethical to me as well as much cheaper) as well as the ones stolen by Japanese like ramen and mapo doufu.

    My favorite food nearby though is a local Indian restaurant called Shiba. I love their mutton curry so much with naan. It's my wife's favorite as well.

    • Err, technically "Shiva" (sorry, Japanese don't have a "v" sound and the Romaji translates as "Shiba").

    • I don't like Korean and Vietnamese food that much, though I wouldn't consider it in terms of "best/worst", just my personal palate. I don't like Kimchi very much, for example. I never quite acquired the taste for Vietnamese and Korean food. Thai and Indian is just like a match made in heaven for me.

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  • That's tough. I like them almost equally. I say South India has very good food. Second favourite is Sushi from Japan and third favourite is Appetizers from Korea.


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