Wine drinkers, do you often have to cork your bottles?

I've seen on television an advertisement for some gadget that pierces the cork on a wine bottle so you can pour a glass or two. Then it retracts the part that pierced the cork to reseal the bottle. I find this very strange. First, I thought you're supposed to open the bottle and let it "breathe" for a few minutes before pouring. Second, I'm not much of a wine drinker, but when I'm drinking wine, you can toss the cork because the only way I'm not finishing the bottle is if it's gross or something urgent comes up and I'm not already drunk! Finally, howdahell the stabby thingy ain't leaving a hole in the cork, or getting cork stuck in it cuz it's hollow for pouring?
So, I'm just wondering how many regular wine drinkers could use such a gizmo. Or if you're like me and never cork a wine bottle.


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