Do bars and nightclubs have no staying power anymore?

I was bored and looked through google maps and noticed a couple bars/nightclubs in a few different cities I've been to before were suddenly gone or had different names

one appeared to be entirely gone and closed ( according to the article I found online ) , the other was still open but with a new name and slightly different concept , both had been in busy downtown locations and had been operating at this time last year and seemed busy , were very trendy places for people to go at night

I noticed the same pubs and sports bars in these cities still seemed to be there and some have been in the same locations for some time but bars and nightclubs just seem to come and go and no longer have any staying power. its like trends change year to year and they need to reinvent themselves or become uncool very quickly.

anyone else notice this as well? or have thoughs on the bar scene in your area


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  • all they do is drink, flirt and watch sports... that isn't fun for me.


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