A poem on chicken !!! How is it?

Title : CRY FOUL
Death, death
Glorious death
Lathered into clarified butter and
Roasted on fire.
What a brave bird she must've been.
Not chicken at all. No
Ever wondered what it must feel like to fill our empty stomachs after death?
Ever imagined such a glorious death?
For all of us.
Who die a thousand deaths everyday.
And live a thousand lies every night.
Why are we still afraid to die?
What are our lives but meat
On somebody's platter?
What's even left of the bodies ,
We are so afraid letting go,
That have fed and nourished
Lovers and haters alike?
Why are we chicken , when even chicken aren't chicken?
In the pic : extremely hot chicken cafreal - cooked by me and my boyfriend. A poem on chicken !!! How is it?
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  • It sounds delicious! And very tasteful :)


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