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I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian since August. I made this decision based on 2 things - firstly, a health condition that could possibly improve by cutting meat out of my diet (which it definitely did!) and secondly, my love for animals and by becoming vegetarian it was like my own personally stamp that I am committed to loving and protecting animals and do not want to eat, wear or partake in any harm or killing of them.
My question is for vegans. I have done research into why eggs and milk should avoid being consumed aswell as meat. I totally get that. In particularly with milk, but just wondering if you think that by owning your own few chickens and letting them lay eggs as they please and keeping them as well and happy as possible do you still think eating their eggs would be wrong? I know a lot of people couldn’t keep a cow and milk it daily (plus they have to keep getting impregnated and their young taken away from them to keep producing milk) but just wondering if you would feel the same way about eggs if the chickens were taken well care of by the likes of a normal person who had space, time and love for them, would it be acceptable to eat their eggs? I’m not sure if I’m ready to jump into the world of veganism but interested in ovo-vegetarianism. Thanks in advance for your responses! :)
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Just to make it clear, I am asking this out of pure curiosity. I am not putting vegans or any other diet - plant, meat or mixed based diets down. I am simply asking what vegans think of and would they change their mind on eating eggs if they raised their own birds knowing that they were being properly looked after and not killed for their meat.


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  • I'm confused by the "Lacto-ovo" thing, care to explain? And I cannot answer your question but I am interested in how you will deal with several deficiencies of several vitamins and other vital things as it's very hard to get every vital vitamin in a vegan and vegetarian diet if one is not well read and know their shit and some are even impossible to get (enough of) through a vegan or vegetarian diet.

    • Lacto-ovo just means you eat both eggs and drink milk. Some vegeterians will eat eggs but not drink milk which is an ovo-veggie. A veggie that drinks milk but won’t eat eggs is a lacto-veggie. I use a good supplements to make sure I’m getting what my body needs. I tried vegetarianism when I was 14 and I failed miserably (became very anaemic) because I didn’t have the right info on nutrition to continue the diet and I was quite fussy then unlike now. I think it’s a lot easier to have a healthy diet on a vegetarian diet but I don’t have enough information on vegan diets to make that decision.

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    • Well.. no Im only 16 so I can't even get a pt education in my country as that's in college but I'd guess I am what one would call an athlete?🤔 I just do weightlifting but Im currently training for club Championship in March next year and my problem being I have a minor knee injury so I can't squat heavy or even do any leg related exercise except deadlifting.

    • Fair play! Best of luck with everything 😊

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  • Being vegan is hard. It means NO animal products at all. Some even take it as far as nothing made of wool or leather.

    As for shop bought foodstuffs, unless you can read a full list of ingredients, you will never be fully sure if what you are eating is vegan.

    I am basically veggie, but do not drink any milk or milk products, except cheese. There are vegan alternatives, but they taste foul! I am not keen on eggs, either, but if they feature in something I buy, then so be it.


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  • I'm not vegan or vegetarian, I eat meat. I currently have 21 birds, 4 hens, 1 rooster, and 16 ducks. They have 5 acres and can go wherever they please. The ducks have a canal and several small ponds across the property. Yes, we eat the eggs. And yes, we slaughter our birds for meat. In my own opinion, it's how the animals are raised that makes it humane/inhumane, not just the fact that they were once living.


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