Also what kind of international cuisines have you try?

Japanese foods i love- sushi (corn sushi, bbq eel sushi, egg sushi, fish egg sushi, cheese sushi, California roll and fish egg sushi), takoyaki, ramen, udon. Thai foods- Pineapple fried rice, mango sticky rice. Korean foods- bbq beef and chicken. Italian foods- spaghettis, pizzas, Lasagne and gelato.

Did you know part 3

That air stewardess is a very stressful job and it’s hell I read that online thankfully I didn’t apply for that job because I have the requirements even if they’re paid much higher than my salary I would rather stick to working at a bookstore. I had a very great time working there because of new friends, nice managers even though they nag and I also had 1 hour lunch break and 1 hour dinner break. It’s a myth air stewardess sleep around and air stewards are not necessarily gay. Did you know store bought marshmallows are very bad for your health? Unless you eat it once in a while. In Asia, young Asians like us are less conservative we wear whatever the fuck we want and not give a damn if older generations judge us for showing too much skin, color our hair, piercings, tattoos. In Singapore the older generations frowned at young generations who make out in public because there are kids around. Some of us have sex before marriage, some are religious virgins, I don’t know why I’m attracted to religious virgin guys, some are nice, some are assholes. To me Japan is considered more friendly compared to Singapore I’m not saying Singaporeans are shitty people. Some are friendly and there are some assholes too.
Also what kind of international cuisines have you try?
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