How do you like your steak?

So I know that I am a weirdo on this issue but I like my steak cooked well and served with ketchup. And for all of you that just gasped in disbelief, if you don't like the way I fix my steak I have a simple solution for you. Don't eat my steak; problem solved. Are there any other people out there who like it like me or are you all a bunch of normies?
How do you like your steak?
Steak with ketchup, if it's good enough for a Super Bowl Champion Quarterback, it's good enough for me.
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Ketchup and well done don't work separately but together some how work so well.
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It is called well done for a reason after all.
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I can't have steak like that; but I won't stop you.
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I'm an intolerant jerk who won't allow anyone to eat steak any other way than my way. #Steaktatorship
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How do you like your steak?
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