Can you help me as I become a vegetarian?

Can any vegetarians help me? Not looking to go vegan. Grocery budget $70 a week. No oven but I do have a microwave and stove top. Not willing to consume meat, fish or eggs. I do not like regular milk but I do enjoy almond milk. I have plenty of willpower and discipline so quitting cold turkey is not a problem. Also, this is not the place to bash meat-eaters or for them to bash vegans/vegetarians. No trying to convince anyone to become vegetarian or to eat meat. Just stick to the scope of the question. Also, I want to have a well-balanced and healthy meal. Just quitting meat does not make vegetarianism healthy. The healthy and balanced part is my biggest problem.
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Forgot to mention I am not a huge cheese fan but can eat it if the flavor is almost drowned out.
Can you help me as I become a vegetarian?
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