Do you believe it's fair that everyone should bring something to eat for a gathering?

or just stop by without bringing anything. It could be something small but at least cooperate with the gathering (pot luck).

Next week there is going to be a small friends gathering at a ladys house (only 11 ladies attending). This lady invited us to go to her house for a small Christmas gathering. In our Whatassp group when she brought it up the invitation, all the chat group said "Yes", "Sure I will go" "at what time is the thing.." among other words that makes us believe they are going for sure.

So on our Whatassp friends group we are texting what meals we are all going to cooperate, eitehr savory or sweet. The house owner as being the host along her husband. She will have like some kind of main course and some alcoholic drinks (maybe wine, whiskey or beers) Buit the rest of the friends will collaborate with something to snack on some chips or dips even the dessert it be on the hand of the other friends (nott he host). SO in this Whatass group we are texting what kind of appetizers to bring and collaborate. But not all the group on taht chat group is responding what they can help bringing for the gathering, just a few are the ones talking about the appetizers and other snacks to bring but others are kept quiet, but im sure they are reading all the texts.

So in privately I told one of the ladies in the group a friend, that it is odd that a few of the friends who said they are going for sure are not talking about helping to bring anything for the gathering. So this lady told me "Well lets wait none day before the gathering next week, to see if they come forward and say anything, everyone is different" .

I mean it can be pretty sure, to being invited to go to a lady´s house for eating for free or a gathering and not cooperate in nothing? That is kind of impolite. Everyone is pitching in with something and then just a few ones will just stop by to the house and dont have anything for the gathering?
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For me that has nothing to do that "everyone is different" like this lady told me, like justifying that not everyone likes to help so we can't force them to bring something if they dont want. Not fair where other friends are collaborating.
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I forgot to mention that the ladies who are keeping quiet are the same ladies who had never gone to any friends get together in the past when other kind of gatherings had been scheduled to chit chat among friends, either at the host house or at some bars but these ladies always say "sure I wll go"
Do you believe it's fair that everyone should bring something to eat for a gathering?
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