People who used to go to bars and nightclubs on Saturday night pre-Covid, do you think you'll ever go back?

covid pretty much closed all the nightclubs back in march , they've never been able to reopen here since. restaurants and outdoors patios did reopen but not dancing or what you'd typically associate with an indoor nightclub.

left wondering if governments here will ever truly allow nightclubs to reopen here? as long as covid remains an issue it would seem that such indoor environments might just be too hard to keep free of the virus. although if the vaccines work , perhaps there is some hope that the bar scene might be able to return down the road. although it seems like a long ways down the road at this point. and some of us might be too old by then to ever go back , felt old when i was in one and in my early 30's but i look younger so no one really paid any attention to me , but can't see going into one when i'd be older.

when i last went to our main local downtown bar in Feb i always assumed i'd be back , it never crossed my mind at the time that it might be the last time i'd set foot in the place. maybe its for the best in the long run as i was caught in a hopeless cycle but it was nice to have something to do on Saturday night. i haven't had an actual Saturday night in so long it feels like forever
yes i plan to go back eventually when its safe from covid
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those days are done for me regardless of covid issues
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no i never went to them before covid and don't plan on going in the future
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not legal age yet but want to go to bars /nightclubs when older
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other please explain
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27 d
i feel like the bar scene will come back eventually but not sure what it will look like , perhaps smaller clubs with reduced capacity , more outdoor patios but it be tough to have a club if there is suppose to be little physical contact between people. doubt they'll be monster sized clubs with 1000 people at them anytime soon if ever again more like maybe 100 people in smaller more spaced out venues
People who used to go to bars and nightclubs on Saturday night pre-Covid, do you think you'll ever go back?
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