What's #1 thing you can do to plan for 2021?

As I think about the situation, I think the priority is to get garden seeds NOW, and start some indoor plants soon as possible. I think food could be a serious issue for many. Everyone... and I mean everyone should be growing some food to offset the risk. The risk of market crash or currency collapse and the effects of that on the distribution of goods... I don't think any of us have ever seen anything like it. Add to it covid.
Whats #1 thing you can do to plan for 2021?
We can thank global warming because, when the planet is warm, things grow better. Be much harder if this ws global cooling!

I could be wrong, maybe everything goes ok, the govt manages things well and keeps everyone fed and well funded. Not going to bank on it. Who knows. I'd be thinking about how you are going go grow lettuce, tomatoes, peas, kale, carrots... maybe some fruit trees. Fruit trees should have been planted years ago, but you can start.

Ohio can grow some awsome peaches, I wish my peach tree didn't expire last year.
Whats #1 thing you can do to plan for 2021?
Maybe learn how to catch some fish gain?

The other thing is... seriously consider getting a fire arm. I've resisted it, I'm not there yet, it creates more problems it seems. But dang, this could go really bad in this world if people are hungry and may have to defend your life. What you going to do in that scenario?

What do you think the #1 thing to do is right now, to prepare for 2021?
What's #1 thing you can do to plan for 2021?
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