If your partner did something you didn’t like how would you go about approaching them about it?

So my boyfriend had asked me to make breakfast. He lives with his and younger sister and they both were in the house as I cooked and don’t get me wrong I thought about making everyone something. Considering it’s his moms house. Now anytime I order food at his house I order for everyone. Family meals of chicken, large pizza, I always place big orders at fast food restaurants etc but this time was different because I didn’t know if they would like my cooked food. I know it’s just breakfast but I never cooked for them before. I only ever order food for them. My boyfriend has never even had my cookk food before because when I am over and we don’t order out he always cooks for me so today was something new for me when he asked me to cook breakfast. Now after it was all said and done and I made him and I a plate. It was just pancakes (pancake mix), bacon, stove top grits and eggs. I went in his room to eat and he stayed upstairs. I came back upstairs to wash my plate off and he just starts to go off about how and why I didn’t think about making food for everyone. He called me selfish and he finished by saying I didn’t even take my time making breakfast and said “That sh** is nasty.” And that I didn’t put effort into it and I expected him to eat just anything because I should have asked him how certain things taste as I was making it but I assumed that wasn’t necessary since the meal was simple. It was steak and mac and cheese. Also, I did take my time. I didn’t see how it was so nasty because it was just breakfast. The pancakes were buttery on the edges, not burnt. The eggs or bacon was burnt and the grits had sugar and butter and grits weren’t over cooked. I get it I was wrong for not making everyone something but like I said I did that only because I didn’t think they would like it and I stood correct because he didn’t like it. I can get why he was mad but he hurt my feelings as well as embarrassed me.
If your partner did something you didn’t like how would you go about approaching them about it?
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