I'm black and I like white girls?

Okay, I'm a black guy, that mostly likes white girls. I'm 16, and, I was wondering, is that a bad thing, like, am I not supposed to? My father isn't particularly bothered by it, neither is my mother (atleast, not mostly), but, for some reason, I've begun to get angry at myself over it, now, I was raised to be loving and accepting of all peoples, so I don't know why this one thing about myself makes me so angry. I guess, I almost feel weird because of it, like I should like black girls or something but I don't, I can't help it, and it makes me angry. It's, something about their hair and eye color (plus they've been nicer to me in my experience). Also, I've never had a girlfriend, and go to a mostly white school. Like I said, I don't hate any group or people, and am very accepting, so I don't know why I'm upset over this. Also, do they like black guys, and I don't mean the ones that practically fetishizes it (I don't want to be with a girl just because I'm black) but, like, just the average one. Personally, I'm a relatively nice person (okay, I like acting like an ass sometimes, but I try to be kind) I'm not ghetto, I'm very intelligent, have numerous talents (art, writing, music, sports, etc.) and have a pretty outgoing personality, and, in my mind I'm attractive. So, yeah, first, is there anything wrong with me liking, um, white girls, like, do I have issues I don't know about, and also, would they go out with a black guy, generally speaking? Also, I kind of actually, have a crush on this girl I just met, who is white, so yeah, thanks. And also, if anyone is wondering, no, I don't hate myself (atleast, I don't think I do).
I'm black and I like white girls?
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