Girlfriend problems while having ex girlfriend problems!

well I'm going out with my girlfriend and its coming up to our 1 month anniversary (we've been on and off since last september) and I think this time were going to stay together but we always argue and I'm constantly worrying about her cheating on me because she has in the past. so I'm worried about that like 24/7 and I don't think she's happy even though she says she is. BUT while all this is going on my ex tells me she didn't really have a reason for breaking up with me and she finally realized it and she feels bad for doing so and wishes I would give her a second chance, I know my ex would never do anything to hurt me like cheat or anything like that like so I wouldn't need to worry as much as I am currently about my girlfriend I mean all my girlfriend and I right about now is a booty call so to say whenever we hang out all we do is sexual activities. but me and my ex took things slow and I was perfectly happy with that. so I don't know what to do I want to stay with my girlfriend but at the same time I wanna brake up with her so I can stop worrying and go out with my ex! I don't know what to do please give me your opinion. and NO I'm not (nor will i) cheating on either of them.
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broke up with the gf, ex girlfriend didn't want anything to do with me. done with both of them
Girlfriend problems while having ex girlfriend problems!
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