My ex is acting kinda weird, hot and cold what's going on?

my ex is acting kinda weird what does this mean?
My ex and I split up 3 months ago, she said she wanted to be friends and at that point I agreed desperately trying to keep her in my life. Now I don't want her back, I'm friendly with her but I don't want to be friends. I have a health issue that isn't a secret and I'm getting surgery in 2 weeks. Anyway a couple weeks ago she told me not to get with her friend because it would hurt her I said I wouldn't hurt her and we had a nice talk and laughed the next day I brought it up and she got really mad at me and said she didn't care anymore. We didn't really talk after that. I missed two days of school recently and she messages me a bunch asking if I'm okay. I didn't have time to respond when she sent the messages, she thought I was ignoring her so she told me she didn't care anymore and blocked me on Facebook. This was before I responded. I responded when I got a chance and she said I was being snappy like a little snapping turtle which was an inside joke we had and used playful remarks. I told her what was going on with me and she just gave a one word response. She didn't even try to keep the conversation going after that. Now I find myself thinking about what's going on with her. Why is she acting so hot then cold. Why does she care so much one moment, get mad of I don't respond right away, act playful then totally cold. I see her everyday and want to be on good terms with her since she's friends with my friends. Does she still have feelings for me, is she trying to be manipulative or does it all not make any sense
My ex is acting kinda weird, hot and cold what's going on?
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