Girls hate me because I'm smart and attractive?

Before anyone comments hate, keep in mind that I'm not looking for compliments. I'm also not looking for a "you're so full of yourself". Also at least TRY to skim what I'm saying so that you won't think I'm a narcissist. So here's the situation:

When girls see me they'll automatically look me up and down and roll their eyes, avoid my gaze, won't make eye contact with me, or they'll just shun me. I've been told several times that I should model but I never do because I don't believe in perpetuating that women are just exist to look "pretty". I get that we live in a world where pretty girls are thought to have "perfect lives". This isn't true. I've struggled through abuse, self harm, eating disorders, etc.

However, whenever I do make friends they'll still at times never make eye contact. I go to college and whenever my friends see my grades or if I do better than them on something they'll immediately start acting coldy for the rest of the day. Many times if I'm not paying attention they'll start to group together and make fun of me.

I'm a nice person, I'm honestly not full of myself, and a loyal friend. But these two traits of mine are impairing my ability to socialize and worsening my social anxiety. I prefer to hang out with guys now because I don't feel as hated.

Women just hate me for no reason but I can't change my face nor can I dumb myself down to satisfy them.

Is there anything I can do to diffuse the hate?
Girls hate me because I'm smart and attractive?
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