Why do girls hate me for no reason?

Immerse yourselves in superiority. Every day I wake up to once again become the victim of my own never ending horror story. I am living in outer solitude, obscurity and desolation because you girls aren't attracted to me. I don't know why you aren't attracted to me. I am handsome, sophisticated, an intellectual A* candidate, a grade 8 electric guitar virtuoso and innovative composer, the premium gentleman and yet instead of being attracted to me, girls are attracted to these invidious, unfilial reprobates, instead of me, the master of social etiquette. I am above the league of even supermodels. All you attractive girls OWE YOUR BEAUTY TO ME. For without me, you would have no reason to look beautiful. You would be as lost mice wandering around a futile maze! I see these beautiful girls with their licentious personas walking with these hideous degenerates, instead of me. ITS AN ABSOLUTE INJUSTICE! You girls have NO REASON to reject me. One day, I was on my way back home after a performance of a song that I had written. I was performing on guitar and vocals. Then two evil girls, who I recognised from the audience were there too. They then started pointing at me and laughing and whispering to each other. I was petrified. One of them then came up and said "hi." I knew she was coming up to antagonise me. I then swiftly got straight off the bus right before she could say anything more, shaken with sorrow. I then had to walk all the way home in the pouring rain and then went up to my room and cried all night. Those girls were very attractive too and I had no idea why they tormented me. I was simply minding my own business. I decide that I would punish ALL girls for this by not writing any more songs about girls for at least 6 months. I just don't know why girls ignore me. Why don't they give me a chance? I'm 15 years old and have never had a girlfriend or even kissed a girl. I am absolutely spectacular, I don't deserve this. What could possibly be putting girls off of me?
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I see other guitarists who can't even read music and perform songs that they didn't even write themselves get embraced by girls whilst I write all the songs I perform myself and don't get a fraction of that attention. It infuriates me! In fact I see indolent reprobates just simply play 3 chords and get attention from girls whilst I play complex compositions and songs in all types of genres (from jazz to metal) that are saturated with advance techniques like syncopation and don't even get noticed
Why do girls hate me for no reason?
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