Extreme mixed signals from a girl. Any girl willing to help me explain them?

I am really confused by the mixed signals that a girl is sending me. Initially, when i first met her, i was attracted to her and but was not interested in her. However, because we ran into each other a lot around campus, we began to talk a lot more and share with each other about our common interests. Then suddenly, she began asking me to accompany her out at night. In addition, she was really nice to me but then, she was nice and sweet to everyone too. In addition, we began having meals frequently. We really enjoyed each other's company and we would spend really long periods of time everytime we ate together. Gradually, i found myself liking her more and more. She also began to send me flirty messages. One day, her close friend told me that she likes me. The problem is that she keeps sending me mixed signals. She will act all flirty and have great fun with me. Even when we were with our group of friends, she will stay close to me and focus her attention on me more than the others. However, sometimes, she will act cold and distant for a few days and when i began ignoring her, she will become warm and chatty again. She is also very flaky. We would make plans to go out or for some activities and sometimes, she would cancel it just 2 hours before it started or she will always be busy when i ask her out. She always acts really warm and flirty with me which makes me feel that she likes me. Yet, everytime i tried to display my attraction towards her, she would immediately withdraw and acts distant or flaky. This cycle would keep repeating itself. I feel like she is afraid to be with me because of her past relationship or i may be just reading too much into her actions. Or she may not be ready. I am really confused if she likes me. Can any girl tell me if she likes me based on what i have described or explain her actions to me. Finally, what is the best course of action for me to take?
Extreme mixed signals from a girl. Any girl willing to help me explain them?
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