Is having confidence overstated by women?

Do you think having confidence is over stated by women? What i mean is, does it really make the difference between friendzone and getting her to date you if you have confidence when she isn't physically attracted to you. I see women post have CONFIDENCE for like every post where a guy is having issues with women, and i find it to be a lazy answer a lot of the times. Having confidence is like being able to walk up to a door an knock on it. Great, you made your presence known, but that doesn't mean that anyone will even open the door.

We all know that just like guys, girls care quite a bit about looks, so why is it that they keep slamming this word confidence all over the place as if it would make a difference? I know if im not attracted to someone, having them come up to me and flirt/do all the right things isn't going to change the fact that im no physically attracted to them. Do women say this often because they like the ego stroke of guys coming up to them often? Because it just doesn't make sense to me. Having confidence is a good thing for everyone, but if you aren't attractive, it won't make a difference in my opinion
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Is having confidence overstated by women?
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