Is she f**king serious?

A girl said this on fb so now I'm mad and I'm gonna vent it to you.

First: This is really accurate, since you men started the therm "friendzone" to blame the girl for not wanting to date you, for example.

Second: "I don't see it, so it doesn't exist" it's not valid responde. It's the same thing as "I don't see hungry people, so there's no hungry in the world."

Third: the feminism is to protect a minority which in the case are the women, don't go bitching around with "sexist hurts man too" because you're the ones who cause it mostly, besides you're taking the women's protagonism of their own movement.

All I see is a bunch of men trying to not admit they're sexist, and also not admiting how the main protagonist of the feminism are WOMEN. you can even be in favor o feminist, but only deconstructing your and your friends sexism. Don't go with the excuse of the sexism impacts men also, cause that only shows how selfiish you are and how you're only doing it because you'll have some type of gain with it.
Is she f**king serious?
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