Do you think girls that are out for the bad boys are afraid of intimacy or a meaningful relationship?

Being a good guy I guess, I'm at an age in my late teens early 20 where girls love their bad boys and won't even consider good guys... I'm attracted to beautiful women like I'd say out of 10, like girls a 7 or higher. I'm a good looking guy, people say often times, so I'm not too worried about that. I mean people keep good guy contact with me so I must not be repulsive to look at... :P lol

But I mean if I find a girl attractive and I like her, I treat her with respect, and everything, yes I'm nice to her, I show her genuine interest. If she texts or something, I don't ignore to make her wonder, I answer it and try to make it flirty or something. What dos ignoring do for anyone? I try and be open with my emotions as much as I can. Why hold it all in for someone you love? It just leads to destruction.

Really I'm only out for a meaningful relationship and the times I've pursued a girl have all ended in heartbreak because I'll take things slow and I work up the courage over time, and one of the girls especially... anything she did, every move she made, I just fell harder for her, it was just... her... She was beyond amazing to me, and when things didn't work out, it broke my heart.

But I guess what I'm trying to say... With the kind of guy I am and knowing what I have to offer, are girls rejecting me because they know that I have more to give and they're afraid of something meaningful? I'm not a cheater or anything, I have enough trouble getting close with one girl, I've never had a girlfriend, not a date, not a kiss... :( But when I fall for a girl, and we're together, I hope my kisses would be the best she's ever had.

I just want to be the best option for any girl I pursue, and I know that I am, as long as they are willing to take that chance on me like I do for them... But are girls afraid of any deep connection or attachment with someone? At least with the "bad guys" because I notice they don't offer as much to girls, and they tend not to be good boyfriends to these girls. That's all I want to be...

Seeing a "chick flick" with my girl, shopping with her at the mall, helping her pick out cute outfits that would look good on her. Just spending time with a girl I love, and it being about her... ahh nothing sounds better.


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lol! I meant... 'eye contact' in the first paragraph... hahaha
Do you think girls that are out for the bad boys are afraid of intimacy or a meaningful relationship?
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