Trying to get back with my ex girlfriend, why does she keep doing this?

Well hey guys.

To cut the story short I got with this girl about a year ago, we were together six months but due to a bunch of issues like her insecurity and depression surrounding other topics, even a ongoing police report against her ex boyfriend, it just wasn't a good time and mutually we decided to keep friends then see where things go from there, we talk pretty often usually everyday.

Not that long ago she messaged me one night in a low tone, I asked what was bothering her and joked about giving her a hug, after a few minutes of talking she came out with she feels really bad for how she's treated me, how she hasn't met me since we broke up because she knows she'll fall for me again, then said that she actually is. This was a change as she said around late last year she thought she never could like me again to a mutual friend, which she brought up and said she realised it's "totally false".

After everything looked like she was interested the next morning I texted her good morning, something I haven't done in ages, she never responded but later in that day acted like the last two days nothing happened. A day later posted a few quotes on her "quote instagram page" (Basically a place she can post pictures anonymously on there without using her personal one) all this like how she wants a guy that'll do all these sweet things, never give up on her, text her as soon as she gets up, a guy that will do anything to make her happy, which I felt was just a slap to my face. Then a few days later tweeted out that there's no "genuine" good guys around these days, *sigh* .. Then skip to now she's gone dark, still posts on all of her social networks, but doesn't talk, last time was three days ago in a group chat.

And now, around two hours ago she posted "I was never the jealous type until i met you xD" which I'm already seeing as a bad sign.

I feel utterly confused here, I feel borderline depressed right now.

What should I do?
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To add in, she's a stubborn type and has had a few bad boyfriends, she's usually inside revising but tends to like new guys extremely easily.
Trying to get back with my ex girlfriend, why does she keep doing this?
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