Why are some girls (and guys) extremely picky about who they date?

And a large majority of girls are far far from perfect themselves. Yes, I do know it goes both ways, guys are guilty of this, too.

Wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone would stop expecting Brad Pitt or Megan Fox to date them? Find beauty in everyday people you see.

I'm not saying people shouldn't be selective about looks. I am just saying they should stop setting their standards based upon supposedly "flawless" models/celebrities.


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  • I'm pretty picky myself. For me, is because I don't want to get myself hurt. I don't think anoyone wants a relationship with a misunderstanding about their personalities. Also, we want to trust them and understand if they don't play the game. The good looking ones always get into the game. I have really bad luck in my relationships, but when it comes to choosing, looks go first. The main priority is the personality, but it is difficult to find the PERFECT kind, because I stick with the look, and end up getting hurt in the long run. I don't think pickyness should come to looks, only personality.

    • There is nothing wrong with having a "type" that you go for. But if you expect to date someone that looks like Brad Pitt, well forget it. You don't sound as if you have insanely high expectations, which was mostly what I was getting at. Some girls aren't perfect themselves, but expect a perfect man. This is why they are always getting their heart broken.

    • Same way with me, I know I will never date a girl as hot as Megan Fox. So I would set my standards accordingly. I am far far from perfect, and I don't expect a perfect girl. Some people don't understand this, so they get their heart broken.

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  • My boyfriend and I are reasonably attractive, I guess (?), but neither of us is likely to win a beauty pageant. The thing I notice though is that although we are attracted to each other, appearance is way down on the list of things we pay attention to...and we are WAY happier together than most any couple I've met. And we are absolutely happier than the people who are obsessed with the appearance of their partner. Yep, real people, crazy in love.


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  • Define "picky."

    I'm not too fussy about looks (I think at least 75% of women are attractive).

    But I'm _extremely_ pick about behavior. I see no reason to tolerate inconsistency, immaturity, rudeness, or inconsiderate crap from a girl that I hardly know. And I'm sad to say that a sizable percentage of the so-called "fair sex" are anything but fair to men.

    There's also some good reasons to be picky. If you're religious, for example, you should pick dates who share your beliefs. If you're a world traveler with your job, you've got to pick someone who can accept that fact and deal with reality rather than boo-hoo that you're gone every other week.

    • No, you are by no means picky. At all..... I have seen guys and girls that say mostly everyone is ugly. Like you, I would say the majority of women are attractive in some way. I will never date a super model, and I don't even care. I'd much rather have a sweet down to earth girl than some girl that is all up herself.

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