Why do women "recycle" their underwear so often?

I think this is disgusting. Most girls, especially in my age group, wear the same underwear every single day. Most of them have no problem admitting it either. They will have skid marks on their panties and still wear them every day. They just take them off and fling them on the floor and you can smell their underwear because they reek. It makes me sick. I grew up with ALL men and we washed our clothes every day and always wore clean underwear. Most guys would think it's disgusting to wear the same boxers or underwear every day. They would immediately do the laundry and get a clean pair. We also don't have those nasty skid marks girls have. I know men have better hygiene in general but why are women so bad about having clean underwear?
Why do women "recycle" their underwear so often?
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