Why did she do this to me?

We had been dating for about 3 weeks. Been on 7 dates. Nothing but simple kisses. Talks about future dates and events happened regularly. Went to the movies yesterday and thought it went great. A few hours ago (8pm) She texted me saying "Honestly (my name) I just don't think I can relate to someone like you. I hate to say this but I don't think this will work out. It's been fun and you're really sweet and I'm glad to have met you :) keep my number and we can hang out again sometime"

I thought wtf? so random and why over a text. I asked her if she could call me to talk about it. No call. She said "keep my number and we can hang out sometime"... about 30 minutes after that text I go on snapchat to snap my brother. Next to her name was a number, flame, and heart. It was gone. Looked and she had deleted me from her snap. She also deleted me from her facebook and instagram and also had deleted the pictures she posted on insta of us together.

Why the hell would she tell me to keep her number and we can hangout sometime and then delete me from all social media?

Also, How can I get her to call me or even just text me and explain to me where it all went wrong?

Why did she do this to me?
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