How to talk to a Girl who has anxiety?

How to talk to a Girl who has anxiety?

I need some advice, there is this Girl who's in some of my University classes. For a while everyone thought that she liked me, and I was unsure. She started sitting by me randomly in class for a while, Here were some signs
She would giggle or smile at anything I'd be saying.
She seemed really talkative.
She would often stare at my lips or eyes when I would be talking.
She would ask me questions.
She would talk really fast around me.
She'd smile and stare after I would say something.
After a few times of sitting by me, she stopped sitting next to me, but near enough by me and she kept on making eye contact and then looking away. She would start stuttering near me when I would talk to her. She is also a very shy girl and doesn't talk too a lot of people on the course, she kinda keeps herself to herself a little bit.

I recently sent a friend request on Facebook, she declined it, then a day later she tried making conversation with me in class, 2 days later I asked if she wanted to sit by me, she was like "um I'm okay thanks, I'll stay at the back" and when I was making conversation, she seemed really nervous and was saying um a lot. Lately in class, she was sitting opposite me, and was copying my exact body language, and smiled twice at me, I'm confused. After class I was about to say hi, but she had headphones on, looked my way then looked down at the floor when she was walking past me, the last two lessons I have caught her staring a lot at me, but she's maintining the gaze.
Also I overheard 3 people in my class talking about this Girl and they were saying that she seems unapproachable, however one of my female friends said she's just really shy. T

Shall I talk to her anymore, why is she showing some signs again after deleting my friend request? I found out today though that she does suffer with Anxiety, one thing i notice is that she often lingers around me after class, but doesn't say anything. As soon as I go past her, she walks alongside me.

How to talk to a Girl who has anxiety?
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