She keeps asking me to hang out and flakes on me? Any opinions?

Me and this girl were friends then we had a fling at which point we both really liked each other and things looked good. All our friends were jealous of how things were going. The thing is I was nervous and it showed and I came off a bit needy. She also started to overthink things and the fling ended when I asked her out, silly mistake. Since then we stayed as friends, no more sex, but I've always wanted more. Her behaviour is very hot and cold and every time I seem to pull away she comes closer and every time I get close she backs away, talk about frustrating. I have decided to move on many times but she can't seem to let me go.

Last week I was out having cocktails with another girl, just a casual thing, she saw a photo on my Facebook and asked who I was out with. She didn't seem too bothered that I was out on a date. I asked her if she had a guy at the moment and she said she was dating a guy long distance and she can't stop over thinking things. I wasn't bothered, I was having sex with another girl. She insisted on asking me how things were going and started taking interest in my life. I was out with my family and she messaged me asking if anything was happening this weekend. I didn't have signal because I was in the middle of nowhere. As soon as I got signal I was inundated with messages asking if she could see me right now. She said she needed someone to talk to and that she's over thinking things. I was unavailable and said I'd talk when I get home by which point she was fine. She then asked me later what I was up to in half an hour. I said not much, she didn't reply. Today she messaged me saying is anyone going to the pub later, I have a bit of a cold so I said maybe, what time? She replied with nothing. The reason I am so bothered is because I'm crazy in love with her and I can't move on very easily. Any advice to why the hell she's doing this?
She keeps asking me to hang out and flakes on me? Any opinions?
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