Why are women encouraged to reject nice guys and chase after bad boys?

Articles like this confuse me completely: they glorify bad boys and shun good men.


Yes, I'm aware of the nice guy vs the "nice guy".

"Nice guy" thinks that being kind to women entitles him to sex, and swears he's nice, but in reality has nothing to offer and in the end, isn't really a nice guy. He's a creep.

The nice guy (no quotes) treats women right, works hard in school, works hard at his job, saves money, and plans for the future. He is well-educated and a gentleman to every woman, man, and child he encounters. He can take care of himself, others, and raise children. Every girl supposedly wants this guy, but their actions say otherwise.

So why do articles like this YourTango one come out and shit on truly good men, while steering women towards bad men, who will beat them, abuse them, get them pregnant and leave them as a single mom?

From the article: "They're SO predictable β€” which is just boring!" So black eyes, bruises, missing teeth, and constant depression and fear, as well as the police at your door sounds better than a boring albeit safe, financially stable, comfortable life?

Another gem: "The sex just isn't as mind-blowing." Er, when did being an asshole correlate with how good you are in bed?

What is this bullshit.
Why are women encouraged to reject nice guys and chase after bad boys?
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