Girls, What's a good way to show love to your wife? Other than sex?

She complains I'm always thinking just about sex but we only have sex once a week the most 2 and sometimes none were always working opposite days or our kids won't go to sleep and don't let us. I tried flowers , I clean wash, house chores etc?
Thanks for all your help lady's do any of you have or had a similar situation?


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  • Hug her. When she's just rushing around dealing with the kids dinner or getting them ready to go out, stop her and give her a hug.
    When you notice things that make you glad she's the mother of your kids, tell her later on when you get a quiet moment together. Tell her what you appreciate about her.
    When she looks nice, tell her. When she makes an effort to look nice for you, tell her. When she looks tired, tell her she still looks good lol.

    Really though, it sounds like you're quite nice to her already. Sounds like you do lots to help the household overall and pull your weight. I know things change when you have kids, you just don't get as much time together, but just take a little time out together each day even if it's just a quick coffee together before the kids wake up.

    • I hug her all the time but I can't resist and just want more than a hug I

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  • Ok... so... The fact that you're asking this question to an anonymous internet audience, indicates that there's a problem.

    Dude my husband knows HUNDREDS of ways to show love and consideration for me, both large and small.
    I mean, here are just a couple. These are specific to ME -- I'm NOT suggesting that these will work on yr wife. They're just EXAMPLES.
    ···•• I like to talk... a LOT. I have this way of sometimes turning conversations into little "speeches" or "monologues", where either (1) I get really INTO what I'm talking about, nerd-style, or (2) I just love hearing the sound of my own words -- literally, like, the delivery -- so much that I just can't stop talking. One way my husband shows his genuine love and consideration, for me, is to **keep himself engaged** in these mostly one-sided conversations -- almost as a "gift" to me, hahah. (He's gotten to a point where HE can actually enjoy me, enjoying myself... if that makes sense. But... yeah.)
    ···•• I sometimes travel on fairly last-minute notice for work stuff. When this happens, he'll take care of as much logistics stuff as possible -- even switching his own sleep schedule around, if necessary, for the sake of my own and our kids' convenience. He NEVER "calls in the favor", and he NEVER acts burdened or put-upon by it.

    Etc. Those are just 2 examples, but, I could literally name hundreds. Hundreds.

    You're having a hard time thinking of even ONE.

    You know what this means you have to do?

    You have to LISTEN.
    To yr wife.

    Imagine the way you want yr wife to be OPEN... to making love with you. You need to be OPEN... the same way... to her COMMUNICATION.
    Let her IN to yr mind, and yr heart.
    Let her words INSIDE you.
    Just sit down with her, and invite her to TALK to you about what she WANTS and NEEDS -- and be willing to LISTEN.

    Don't *react* to what she says, until you've processed ALL of it, and thought it ALL through.
    Some of it might make you angry or resentful... try to let those feelings pass, because she's probably feeling the same sorts of things. LISTEN to her.

    Try to put yourself into HER situation.


    Then... ask her... Why'd she marry you?
    And LISTEN to what she says.

    And tell her... Why'd YOU marry HER?
    TELL her.


    Finally here's the most important question:

    ** Would you marry her all over again, today? **
    ** Would SHE marry YOU all over again, today? **

    The answer SHOULD be FUCK YES.

    If the answer is ANYTHING less -- if it's "ehh maybe", or "yes but unenthusiastically", or

    • (God forbid) if it's "no"... you need to keep communicating until the answer is FUCK YES again.

      You need to get back to the point where you'd marry each other... all over again... every day.

      You need to get back to the point where you'd marry each other HARD.

      Good luck.

      Now go LISTEN to yr woman.

  • One day , take her out if you can't do that just tell her how you feel about her. Girls love when you tell them sweet emotional things that you feel. Eat her pussy but want nothing in return. Cook her favorite food , massage her back or feet from time to time. some girls don't want gifts they like actions , spending time have a family day.

    • I will eat her Pussy and her ass for the first time all of your comments sound very helpful thank you and yes I will use your tips and advice to make her feel better and think different

  • Leave her little notes in her bag/planner saying "have an amazing day" "you look hot in that dress"

    Go out to funny movies only. Never violent movies (I recommend My Big Fat Greek Wedding 1&2)

    Give her foot massages. We loooove that

    Get us flowers

    Get us gift cards for our nails.

    Go shoe shopping or dress shopping together

    Go to Whole Foods together.

    Of course without the kids if you have any

  • being thoughtful, If your coming home from work late and she works too maybe buy dinner, ask her what she wants. Get her chocolates or something she like just because you feel like it.

    Write letter to her, hand written ones. Telling her how you feel about her. put your kids in a daycare or like a summer camp type thing where you can drop them off and be with your wife for a few hours and it wares the kids out so they sleep better.

    I have more Ideas if you want them.

  • Make her feel appreciated and loved. Dont just show affection when you want sex that makes you less attractive and eventually she will loose her sexual attraction. Tell her how thankful you are for and everything she does for you and the family. Exactly what men want to hear.

  • Sometimes reminding her of some things you used to do at the beginning of the relationship will help. Trust me, a woman LOVES you to tell her things you remember. This way you show her you care about her and that pure love hasn't died.

  • Just try making her laugh, telling corny jokes, talking about past memories, or even just complimenting her on her outfit, its the small things that add up to show love : )

  • Live, laugh, love. Be patient and kind. With women it is the little things...

  • She needs to feel special. Arrange a date night like when you were first dating her before you had kids. Arrange to have the kids stay at a relatives house over night, and take a day off work that she is already not working. Write her a hand written notes that says all of the things you love and appreciate about her, and end it with "Will you go out with me tonight I have already arranged for the kids to be taken care of." Buy her jewelry that you can surprise her with at dinner. After dinner, take her on a romantic walk and spend the time reminiscing about all the great times you remember having with her and telling her all the reasons you are happy to have her in your life. Maybe even end the night with a slow dance in your living room, a kiss, and "I love you so much!" If you can pull all of this off I can almost guarantee she will be on cloud nine by the end of the night. Good luck.

  • Ok, this is your wife... when you first got together what attracted her to you? What does she always thank you for, or say... I love it when you...

    When you argue what are her words to you, for example... You never, we never, I dont like it when...

    What do you feel she nags you for? Listen because this tells you what she wants...

    What's her type of job, does she talk all day, stand all day, mother all day?

    You have tried the typical ones and touch clearly isn't her thing if she doesn't want much sex (2 times a week is awesome by the way)

    So... how much time do you spend together? Not sexual? And what things do you do when you are together?

    Sex is another issue entirely, can you tell me a little from above and I can understand her needs a little more, I'm the sexual one in my relationship so totally understand there.

    • I'm exactly the same as you, that's why I asked a few things... each person is different, we all have different needs. You sound to me like the perfect guy, my fella thinks I want sex to much... but it's just "my thing" , I love to touch, and be touched, it energises me, gives me a spring in my step.

      What things energize your wife, does she beam after you have been out and spent some time as a family, together? Does she moan that she never gets any time alone? (Some people require downtime, time alone to re charge). The things that you can do for her that make her happy could be having the kids while she goes out for a girly night. Or making time for just the two of you to do something that she likes, like the cinema, or a restaurant. With kids it's really difficult to find time for yourself and find time for each other, if her "thing" is to spend QUALITY time with you and the family or by yourself, then you have some thinking to do, logistically and time planning wise.

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    • I been giving her time in her own and yeah she complains less about her life but she only tells me I just go straight for sex. Time together we spend about 3 times a week 3 hrs we go grocery shopping, fix thing around the , house go eat with the kids. Have to say very rare when go out by ourselves to a club or dinner I really need to invest my time in that.

    • Oh and we go to the gym together once a week

  • bring her to a date, or buy her a gift, jewelry is the most simple and safe one ;p

  • Flowers, take her out to her favorite restaraunt. Chocolate, women love chocolate.

    • At update: nope not really... well yeah, but we talked about it and we decided to cuddle more instead of have sex.

  • A nice date or maybe some sort of couple massage, spa stuff. I don't know lol

  • You could buy a small gift or leave her cute love notes or write poems and songs for her☺☺☺😊😊😊😀😀😀👍👍👍

  • Send her to a spa maybe for a day if you can afford it and while she's there cook her dinner. She'll be head over heels when she comes home to that!

  • * Remember important dates and give her little gifts on these says. No need for expensive ones, just one letter written with love would make her happy.
    * Always kiss her before leaving home, make it your tradition.
    * Marriage is not end it is beginning, show her this. Leave children to grandparent and arrange unforgettable dates or adventures for you, only two of you.
    * cook for her sometimes, she'll appreciate it, even if you are not that good at cooking.
    * Help her with kids, give her time for relaxation.
    * Arrange family hour. I mean just 1 or 2 hours everyday when everyone will be at home together, watch something interesting together or read fairytales to your kids. It will make you close with your family and heart of your wife will melt.
    * Try new positions in bed, give her best orgasms ever. Show that you care about her.
    That's all women want to know.

  • Never date a woman who complains a lot

  • Talk about anything with her. Like your anxieties, how important she is in your life etc

  • Maybe get a sitter and walk around a park... or something simple you used to do before you got married and remiss. Hold her hand, tell her how much she means to you... share little things you remember that make you smile. Tell her you don't know what you would do without her at the night and then give her the hungry eyes, the eyes that let you know she is the only woman in the world that you desire... the eyes that peer into her very soul... do you have a family member that could make sure the kids are bathed, read to and in bed when yous get home?

    • Say it's been awhile since you guys have really opened up and just talk to her. Try to share an intimate emotionally bare moment. Sometimes me and my husnad like to go out to dinner hold hands over the table and pretend like it's our first date and we ask each other questions or sometimes i prepare before hand and at the table while we're waiting we play the newly wed game and see how much we know each other and what has changed over the years...

    • 9 years married, 13 years together... we've had our slumps.

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