Is this girl messing with me or just busy?

I've been trying to meet up with this girl on several occasions.
The first time was on Monday, I asked if she could meet me after my class and before hers she said yes and then later texted me saying her class was cancelled so she's not coming to school.
The second time I suggested we meet on Wednesday again she said yes but then later she said she had an assignment to do.
The third time was today we were supposed to meet a party but I couldn't make it. I forgot to text her and checked my phone late and it said that she couldn't meet me at the time we agreed on at the party.
Finally I made a suggestion we meet tomorrow and she said she couldn't make it.

I asked her to provide a time she would be available at since I usually don't give someone this many chances to meet and she appeared offended saying that I was blaming her for not showing up when all the times were inconvenient while not providing me with an alternative.

Should I just cut ties with this girl?
Is this girl messing with me or just busy?
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