Please Help me?

I met this girl in university and we've been good friends since, and I sure am in love with her! But I can't be sure about her.
She does have other male friends but she treats me completely different, we talk and chat all the time and We have all the courses together and we do lots of homework and studying together. She asks me lots of questions and problems although I'm not really good and her marks are better than me! And her close friends and roommates too!
She's always OK seeing me and spending time with me although I act pretty obvious that I'm into her, she acts kinda different like she never touches me and rarely asks personal questions or calls me by first name ( don't know why!!) but I'm sure she likes spending time and talking to me!
Do you think she likes me or can I do anything about it?
Thank you!


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  • If you act in a way that it's obvious you like her and she's only spending time with you for school/study related things, she isn't interested, she just likes the attention and she's taking advantage of your feelings. It's a "safe" relationship for her because she feels she has the upper hand and you're just pandering to her aren't you.

    • But I'm pretty sure that I am no good for her in school stuff! Many times I felt like she wants to talk to me or spend time with me!😒😒😒

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    • I told you why she most-likely does it, because you're giving her attention and she knows she can take advantage but that she has control over the relationship.

    • ThanksπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

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  • If she wanted you, then you would have been balls deep inside her within a week. Move on brah.

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