Am I legit enough for this guy? It's long, but please help!

Guy for God... Help?

So there's a guy that I'm interested in. He's really cute (so is his ex :/), really hyperactive and goofy and funny, has an extreme passion for music and guitar, and most of all, he's IN LOVE with God... a TOTAL Jesus-Freak.

I just met him a few weeks ago, and we played a show together, but we don't really talk that much other than small talk at lunch with a group of friends or when we practice for our band. I just get super shy around him and have a hard time being myself... Help? How can I become for comfortable around him?

Other than that, I want him to be interested in me as more than a friend, but I feel like I'm just not good enough. 1. Because I'm not that pretty. His ex is tan and skinny and has a perfect smile and perfect hair and is just naturally beautiful. I have fair skin, I'm a little overweight (not extremely obese or even chubby for that matter. I have a little belly... and a fat butt.), a stupid smile, my hair NEVER works and is just plain AWFUL, trust me. And I feel like I always need make-up to even make myself presentable...

2. He is by far a way better musician than me. He knows way more about music than I do and sometimes I feel completely clueless about what he's telling me.

3. He has a way better relationship with God. He's a hardcore Christian while I'm barely getting there. I know he's not really into dating anyone who isn't on fire for God (which isn't that much of a problem). Does this concur that looks don't really matter? As long as a girl is in love with God, should looks really matter?

I mean, I'm not a total loser. We have a lot in common, I just feel like I don't meet his standards as well as others. I think my main issue is self-confidence, and being able to be myself around him. If I could just be comfortable enough with him, things might actually get somewhere, you know? But I have this self-esteem issue and I'm totally shy. I don't know how to overcome this... Help? Any advice or thoughts or whatever would totally rock! Thank you for your time. :)
Am I legit enough for this guy? It's long, but please help!
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