Why is this girl doing this to me?

She follows me around wherever I go in school. Whenever she walks past me even if I have my back turned to her, she would look down at the ground, get flustered and walk faster. She stares at me from a distance, but won't look at me when I am nearby, looks away or looks down. She blushes and acts excited when I am around or near her. Her friends are always watching me everywhere I go. She talks loudly around me or gets really quiet. She was watching me from a distance through the corner of her eyes, then came and started talking to the people beside me, looking over their shoulders to look at me and quickly looking away. She gets flustered and awkward around me.

But recently she deleted me off all social media. I'm not sure why since I did nothing wrong. Is she hurt and confused that I have not made a move?
Why is this girl doing this to me?
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