She has a boyfriend but has feelings for me?

So basically this girl at my High school confessed to me that she has strong feelings for me and I also did but she has a boyfriend, she always catches me staring at her and I also catch her so the same, the other day was the first day back from New Years holidays and her and her friend kept appearing wherever I was in the building and several times by herself, I am so confused! What do I tell her or approach a situation like this. PS her boyfriend is an over protective nutter that forced her to block me on everything but I still talk to her when I see her.

We have relaxing text convos from midnight to 4-5am and she has opened up with even the most sensitive things but my secretively kind of drives her insane because she can read what I'm feeling.
Also, she is not good looking but I find her so attractive so she knows I do not like her that way (she is beautiful btw)
She has a boyfriend but has feelings for me?
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