Why do girls like shitty guys so much?

I'm not one of those guys who can't get girls because I can't get any. I'm by no means a player but im comfortable with how I do.

I'm editing through an interview that this guy did and he is just such a brain-dead guy. He constantly looks stoned out of his mind or just phased out. He shows no interest or emotion and not in a cool "badass" way. It's more of the kind of way that makes you look at someone and go "What a moron"

Other than the fact that he's attractive, I don't understand what this girl could possibly see in him. I've seen other guys who get a ton of girls that make a lot of sense to me. Good looking, great talkers, funny and exciting people who have at least some kind of depth to their personality. That makes sense.

But why is it that girls keep talking to guys like this and then go onto sites like here and complain? Lol it's like watching someone who only buys cars from some shitty used lot complain that all cars drive like shit. Honest to god, this guy saw his own reflection, I thought he was gonna run after it.
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I think What I've actually learned from this question is how programmed everyone's responses are here on GAG. Seriously, I feel like only a 3rd of you guys actually read the description or understand the question.
Why do girls like shitty guys so much?
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