Can you please help me figure out if this girl likes me?

whenever I'm walking around school I see her looking at me for a little bit and then keep walking like if when I saw her looking she look away, but now when I see her in school, I look at her intently and she looks at me , we both have blank normalish expressions, and I'm waiting for her to pull away eh. but I feel like she wouldn't so I pull away instead in fear that she might get a wrong idea, so we've been exchanging looks whenever we see each other

also I've seen this girl looking at me whenever she talks 2 one of her friends, like whenever in class she turns around to talk to her friends once I look at her she looks at me.

and if it wasn't for this person in between the 2 of us we would be sitting right next to each other, right... so one time this person got up and I saw this girl out of the corner of my eye with like her whole body turned towards me on the seat ( I saw like the knees were facing me ), and then playing with her hair. and looking at me, if this is just a coincidence then send me to an asylum :P

these signs are from now 11th grade, she has many boyfriends before, but now she is single,

i was in her sixth and seventh grade class before, and back then I used to get them same looks . and then one time I helped the teacher collect materials from all the students desks and I had went by hers and I had asked can I get the stuff for the teacher, and she just froze she just watched me for a good few seconds straight and then she said that she gave them to her friend, keep in mind that these were signs from 7th grade I haven't seen her again till 10th grade, maybe it fate :P

your probably thinking now that she is one creepy girl but nah , quite the opposite actually, very hot, very fun outgoing girl,

it was the last day of school today for me, and I got the courage and I tapped her on her shoulder (she also had shades on, I'm stating that in case if that matters) and I just told her. "hey I just wanted to say I hope you enjoy your summer" first time she didn't hear me because she had her music in her ears, she took off the music and I noticed this... she moved closer to me, and turned her body to be facing me, and she said what? she talked in a softer tone than how she is in class, I repeated myself and smiled this time and then she said "aww thank you" I couldn't see her eyes so I couldn't tell ( again I'm probably crazy but I could swear she tilted her head a bit like she was nervous or something), and then I asked can I get a hug and then she gave me a nice hug, I got to hold her like how couples hold each other and walk, , and maybe I'm crazy, probably am :P. but I think she would have hold on if I didn't let go I'm probably crazy but hey whatever :P

what I wondering about is after all these looks we exchanged, me seeing through the corner of my eye that she was playing with her hair and looking at me, me seeing all those signs, and then when I approached her...was she playing dumb or was she waiting for me to make a move?
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i think it should be stated after she told me aww thanks, we were left at a standstill, that's when I asked can I get a hug and then she didn't say anything and she just gave me a nice one,
Can you please help me figure out if this girl likes me?
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