I'm so unhappy with my life.. Help please?

I'm so unhappy with my life! Iv been like this for a while now Iv lost interest in everything I don't feel good enough or pretty I can't be bothered doing anything! Most of the time I'm just stressed I'm losing weight and I don't feel good health wise! I'm so stressed out cause I'm 24 and don't have a stable career or enough money! Iv never been so unhappy it's impacting my health! I have my boyfriend but I don't even think I love him anymore he has hurt me too many times I gave him another chance now but he was no idea what's going on with me. I don't even know myself... I just want to run away be alone somewhere I wish I was wealthy or rich that's all I think about and my problems will be solved! I don't have enough money to buy nice clothes anymore or treat myself or people around me! I just feel really ugly and so down I feel like a loser. My boyfriend is very well off has everything but he has no idea the stress I'm under I'm so good at pretending I'm okay.
I'm so unhappy with my life.. Help please?
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